Exterior Painting

It is important to keep on top of exterior painting as it can help prevent small problems becoming more expensive serious issues. Small cracksin render can develop to penetrating damp and mould showing up on the interior of your property walls and ceilings. In worse cases it can even cause the exterior render to fall off.

Woodwork with insufficient coatings can also decay when continuously absorbing moisture, with the correct products and application paint provides a protective layer to help prevent against serious issues occurring. The correct maintenance of a property exterior can help prevent damp, mould,blown render,wood decay and even high heating costs.

D & A complete decorators provide exterior paint services to all exterior substrates. we can paint downpipes, gutters, facia and apex. Provide repair services to wood decay using the correct repair methods and paint application to ensure a lasting finish. Window frames, garage doors, exterior doors and porch areas are all covered by our services. We have expert knowledge in using the correct paints for the correct substrates whether it be upvc, metal, iron or oak to name just a few, we will ensure the correct application is used.

D & A complete decorators also provide services to commercial businesses such as fencing and cladding paint solutions. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free quote.

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